Friday, March 23, 2012


Goldie is the cat we met at our aunt's house in New Zealand. Ever since our first day, Goldie resented us. If he so much as saw us in the room or caught our glance, he dashed from the room out to the patio or through the cat door in the back. This type of behavior continued through our two weeks there.

Once or twice one of our cousins would pick Goldie up and bring him over to my sister and I. When he was carried over to us, he glanced once in our direction then tried to wiggle out of their strong grasp. Once he started squirming, both of us realized this was too much to ask for from a tabby cat so we told our cousin to put Goldie down.

The only reason why Annie and I cared about why Goldie disliked us was we loved Goldie. We could not remember the last time we pet any animal so we decided on the first day that it should be Goldie. Although we never felt his fur, we assumed that it was very soft.

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  1. He does look like such a sweet kitty ... perhaps just a tad shy?