Friday, March 16, 2012


My sister and I bought Frenchie when we went to Miami a year ago. Halfway through the trip, our family decided to go to the mall. Upon our arrival, it began to rain. Unlike most malls, this mall was conveniently outside with the shops a few yards apart. Since the rain was unexpected, we did not have an umbrella with us so we dashed into the nearest store. Before we entered the shop, I saw the name of the shop: Urban Outfitters.

Once we were inside, we found an area for books, clothes, and mustache merchandise. While we were there, we decided to snoop around. My sister, mom and I wandered over to the mustache merchandise while my dad explored the books.

At the mustache section, we found mustache cups, fake mustaches, mustaches with glasses attached and rabbits with mustaches (a.k.a. labbits). My sister and I looked at the fake mustaches envisioning what we would look like if we had facial hair.

Meanwhile, my mom was staring at the labbits. Seconds later, my mom picked up a labbit and placed it on my shoulder. I put the labbit in my small hands feeling the texture of him discovering the softness of the fur. We examined the labbit and found a pair of ears, four stubby feet, a small tail and a handlebar mustache.

My sister and I wanted the last syllable of our names should match with the labbits. (We wanted his name to end like our names: Katie (the writer) and Annie.) Our last trip was to Spain (we went to Madrid) so we wanted his name to begin with an European country. "Spainie" did not work so we tried neighboring countries such as Portugal and France. Portugal did not fit ("Portugalie" did not sound right), so we tried France. "Francy" did not fit him so we thought of what language they speak. In France, they speak french. Therefore, the labbit's name would be Frenchie.

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